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Caffeinate, Caffeinate, Caffeinate - 16 oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug

  • $ 25.00

Currently out of stock waiting redesign.  Unfortunately as currently designed, the little pointy pieces of the Dalek can get caught on things and the edges start to lift up, so we are redesigning to improve durability!

Why EXTERMINATE when you can CAFFEINATE instead?!

Stainless steel travel mug is 16 Oz, BPA-free and great for hot or cold beverages.

Choose your colors and send a message if you have any questions.  Only the mug is included, none of the other items in the photo will be included.  

Design is outdoor-grade adhesive vinyl that is waterproof and meant to be used on the outside of cars, so it will last many many years with proper care.

To make sure your mug lasts for years to come:
Hand wash only.
Do not soak.
Do not use abrasives.
Wash with mild soap and water.
No dishwasher.
Do not freeze or microwave.

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