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Monthly Mystery Mugs

Do you love staying hydrated? Do you love mystery boxes? We have the best of both worlds with our monthly mystery mugs (and water bottles)! Choose your beverage container type from stainless steel coffee mugs and water bottles of varying sizes and receive a surprise design every month! As a bonus, each box will also come with a high quality vinyl decal that you can put on your car window, laptop, or any other device! The design for each month will be a mystery, but we will let you choose your fandom by only purchasing the boxes for the fandoms you know and love! 
Purchase by the 15th of the previous month to receive next month's box!  For example, purchase by September 15th to receive October's box!  
The details:
You'll receive one beverage container of your choice that has a mystery design based on the monthly box theme. The design on each mug is high-quality outdoor grade vinyl that is rated to be on the outside of cars 6+ years, so it will last many years with proper care. You'll also receive at least one vinyl decal that will be outdoor-quality as well, and is perfect for you to place on your own beverage container, on your car window, laptop, or cell phone case.
Questions?  Send an e-mail to and please allow up to 2 business days for a response.