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Lil' Chizler - Vinyl Tool

Lil' Chizler - Vinyl Tool

  • $ 1.50

The worlds best lil plastic scraper that is perfect for vinyl application! This hot pink scraper is a great tool to help with applying your vinyl decals from our shop.  The rigid plastic works better than a credit card, and then after using it to apply your decal you'll have it leftover for many many other uses!  Use this to apply your vinyl decals from our shop, including car decals, laptop decals, wall decals, etc. 

The lil’chizler is great for applying and removing vinyl letters off metal and acrylic surfaces.  The lil’chizler’s sharp edge lifts the resistant vinyl without scratching the underlying substrate.

Who Uses The LiL’ Chizler? Auto detailers, painters, sign shops, warehouses, body shops, scrap-bookers, window cleaners, packing & shippers, manufacturers, window tinters, decal installers, aquarium owners, kitchen & restaurant workers, auto graphic installers, commercial cleaners, machinists, factory workers, sportsman, tile installers, museum workers, artists…Everyone needs a LiL’ Chizler!

1001 Uses for the Lil’ Chizler!
Safely Lifts, Cuts, Scrapes, Chizles, Installs, Removes Without Scratching!
• Removes ice on windshields
• Removes tar & bugs from automobiles
• Removes food from pots & Teflon pans
• Removes paint from metal surfaces
• Removes excess caulk from tiles
• Removes decals from windows
• Removes soap scum on bathroom tiles
• Removes spatter from mirrors
• Removes algae from aquariums & fish tanks
• Removes putty from windows
• Removes ice from ski bindings
• Removes letters from wood & metal signs
• Removes sap from lawn furniture
• Removes baked on grime from ovens
• Removes over-spray from windows and doors
• Removes wax and spots from wood furniture
• Removes scum from fiberglass tubs
• Removes grease and grime from grills
• Removes tarnish from hardware
• Apply scrap book pictures & decals
• Apply window decals
• Apply ink or screen decals
• Apply caulking and putty
• Apply grout to small tile
• Apply Bondo to automobiles or dented metal
• Apply pin striping and auto graphics
• Apply paints to art
• Apply glue to Decopauge
• Apply stain to create faux wood appliques
• Apply grease to gears and cogs
• Apply fiberglass to boats
• Apply tape to cartons and packages
• Scrape old glue from wood
• Scrape paint from windows and doors
• Scrape soap scum from faucets and sinks
• Scrape tape from boxes and cartons
• Scrape construction debris from Formica
• Scrape road debris from fenders and windshields
• Scrape debris and tar from motorcycles
• Scrape grout from tile
• Scrape gum from under counters
• Scrape labels off bottle and jars
• Scrape scales from fish
• Scrape old varnish from refinished wood
• Scrape old wax off surf boards
• Safely open boxes and cartons
• Safely clean your coated cooking surfaces
• Safely lift gold leaf
• Safely score cardboard
• Safely open mail and packages
• Safely remove gum from carpet
• Safely open food containers
• Safely cleans dried food from upholstery
• Safely lifts labels and price tags