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Seeker in training - Vinyl Decal

  • $ 8.50

Seeker in Training - use this adorable decal to show you're training to be a seeker!  Choose your size and color.

This decal is a collaboration with Novel Arts & Ideas - the very talented Deanna created the artwork for this decal!  Be sure to check out her shop for awesome handmade nerdy goodies!

Exterior-grade vinyl decal that’s perfect for car windows, phone cases, laptops, iPads, notebooks, and more!

The heavy duty vinyl is best for solid applications and shouldn't be used on paint or drywall, however this can be made with "indoor vinyl" that is safe for walls, please message me before ordering.

The decal is made with heavy-duty high quality vinyl and would work great on plastic, metal, wood, or any other hard object. It is water-resistant so it would work great on the exterior of the door. It's not recommended to use on walls or paint, as it may damage the drywall and paint. This can be made with "indoor vinyl" that is safe for walls, please message me before ordering.

Note that this is not like a "sticker" - there is no background and your design will be cut out of a single-color sheet of vinyl. Decals with multiple colors are different colors of cut vinyl layered on top of each other. Designs are not printed so you don't have to worry about ink fading!

The size you pick will be the widest part of the decal, measured horizontally across the entire design. Price varies depending on the selected size. Dimensions are note in inches and depicted by inches wide (w) x inches high (h). Please message if you have any questions regarding sizing.

See color options, and other colors available via custom order (typically no additional charge), just send a message!

The decal will come with transfer tape on top so it will be easy to apply to a clean and dry surface. With the transfer tape it can be applied in one piece (unless noted otherwise) so you don’t have to peel and stick any separate pieces. The decal is a single colored decal unless noted otherwise in the listing; the white or light blue paper backing or black background in the picture will be negative space and will take on the background color of what you put your decal on.

Outdoor-grade vinyl (typically used for all our decals unless by default): Water resistant (water proof), but please hand wash only and avoid soaking in water or extreme temperatures to help maintain the life of your decal. It is removable, but not repositionable. Due to the heavy-duty nature of the adhesive, it may leave a gummy residue on the surface when removed.

Interior-grade vinyl (only used if specifically noted or requested): Excellent for wall decals or semi-permanent applications. The adhesive in the vinyl is supposed to be safe for all wall surfaces (it is Oracal 631 adhesive vinyl), however we will not be held liable if the decal ruins your paint or surface when being removed. Please apply with caution and do not place decal on anything you are worried could get ruined. It is removable, but not repositionable.

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